The Tzaneen NYDA offices ‘a MYTH’.

It had been two months since the offices were ‘launched’. Prior the ‘launch’ the invitation letters were sent out from The Greater Tzaneen Municipality (GTM) for a grand launch of the offices but on the eleventh hour the theme was changed to Greater Tzaneen Municipality and National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) outreach and the commemoration of youth day on the 29 June at Tzaneen show Grounds.

Flat number 5 of the Evita business flats opposite the GTM offices had been leased out to the NYDA via the GTM (who is responsible for the payments) by the KW North Realty agency, still vacant.

The aggreement was that the NYDA should let on the 1st of July 2018 but to date the agent still have the keys because no payments had been paid yet.

The Agent assured us ‘we are being patient with them hence my operating principal took over, we are still negotiating, the contract had been signed but no payment has been made; we might lease out to anyone willing to occupy.’

When we went to the GTM’s communication office for their view we were referred to Collen Mkansi who is the GTM Youth Officer. We could not find him within the building and we had to call him.

Rent fees:
# R 15 783.75 (prior occupation and monthly)
# R 1 500.00 (Realty admission)

We will follow and gets updates on the story.

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3 Thoughts to “The Tzaneen NYDA offices ‘a MYTH’.”

  1. Mkhari

    We need change! This is really bad.

  2. Evelyn

    Can I know your working days at Tzaneen

    1. I will email you all the necessary primary details.

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