The Analogy of Salvation to Chess

Just like chess, salvation has three crucial stages for one to get to checkmate (or in this instance for one to be saved). The main goal of chess is to reach checkmate for one to win the game. Salvation is in fact the checkmate of Christianity. Whenever a person is saved God makes a checkmate to the Devil in what is an intense blitz game. It is a blitz game because the standard or classic match between the two has been going on from the time the Devil was kicked out of Heaven.

Chess has three main stages namely, the opening, the middle-game and the endgame, for which every chess player worthy of such a title must know, to be formidable opponent in the game of chess. Salvation also has three stages which makes one to be a real and true Christian, namely, repentance, baptism in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and then the receiving of the Holy Ghost (Acts 2;38).

Time fails to write on the depth of each and every stage of Salvation, because just like the three stages of chess a more clear study of each stage is fundamental to the understanding of chess (or in this instance Salvation).

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