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ichess.netBecoming a Grandmaster is very hard, but with extra effort and dedication, anyone can achieve it. Do you want to break that record? Or you only need that Grandmaster title? The following steps will help you achieve the title, however, there are many steps you can choose to follow on the internet. These steps will guide you to become a better chess player.

Start young.
Just like any other, children who are exposed to sport, music, and languages at an early age can learn fast and will become fluent and experienced. Mastering chess takes years of practice and hundreds of hours. The best age to start is between five and eight. At this stage, the child can develop and adapt faster. They can learn new lessons, tactics, principles and the fundamentals on how to become a strong chess player. Make sure that you have a coach or assistant who will guide you through the planning process and suggest lessons that are suitable for your age.

Study books.
In chess, studying using books written by experienced Grandmasters has proven to be very effective and useful. You need to use books that are well written. In today’s world, you can find many books on the internet and you can read and study on the go on your mobile devices. You should keep in mind that not all books are good. Your coach will suggest you few that you should read or you can search on the internet for recommendations.

Work hard.
All Grandmasters work hard every day to maintain and achieve their goals. Even the current World Champion Magnus Carlsen work hard and follow his study routine. Having a study plan that covers the opening, middlegame, endgame, and tactics will strengthen your skills. Following this study plan will improve and help you calculate faster and be able to take better decisions.

Play tournaments.
All of those Grandmasters has lost many games at some point. A chess player has to lose thousands of games, study those losses, learn from those losses, and come out a strong player. Playing in tournaments gives you the opportunity to put your skills and what you have learned into the test. You will also learn how to play competitive chess. Playing stronger tournaments gives you the idea of how far you are with your training on becoming a Grandmaster.
Most of the kids who start playing at an early age learn to play without fear in competitions. In some competition, they will play adults and all kinds of people. They will also gain the necessary experience to become a strong player.

Get three norms.
To get the necessary three norms, you will need to play in a tournament that has at least three Grandmasters from different countries, the tournament should have nine rounds and at least 120 minutes time control. An International Arbiter (IA) must be present. You will need to have a performance of 2600 Elo in that tournament.

Get 2500 FIDE rating.
After getting the three norms, you will need to cross the 2500 FIDE rating requirement to be awarded the title of Grandmaster. There are other titles which you can still get if you fail to obtain the Grandmaster title. There is a Candidate Master (CM); FIDE Master (FM); and International Master (IM).

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