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Does chess need to change?

The World Chess Champion GM Magnus Carlsen  decided on what I admit was a very cowardly decision, he offered a draw to his opponent GM Fabiano Caruana in a very promising position in what could have been the last game of the World Chess Championship. He was scared and it’s very clear why he went for a draw. That was the plan before the game and he executed it quite well. Given that a loss would mean losing his world champion title and also move him from ranked first in…

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The World Chess Championship 2018 – 12 Draws

Magnus Carlsen of Norway, the current world chess champion and Fabiano Caruana the current world chess championship challenger from the United States of America find themselves in a 12 game deadlock which has seen all 12 games drawn, a World Championship Record. This means we now move into the Playoffs to break the tie. The playoffs will see the players play with significantly less time until a winner is decided. The first section of the playoffs is 4 games of rapid where players will have 25 minutes with 10 seconds…

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